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What is a Dental Surgeon?

A dental surgeon, also known as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is a dental professional who specializes in performing surgery on the teeth, gums, and other areas around the mouth.

Dental surgeons are trained to perform oral surgeries, including tooth extractions and implant surgeries. They may also fit dental prosthetics like crowns, caps, bridges, veneers, dentures, and implants. 

Dental surgeons also perform surgery on other parts of the head and neck, including repairs from facial trauma.

Think of a dental surgeon as a highly trained dentist who tackles complex oral issues. They go beyond routine checkups, performing intricate procedures like:

  • Wisdom tooth removal: Those pesky third molars often need expert extraction to avoid pain and crowding.

  • Jaw surgery: Misaligned jaws or facial injuries may require corrective surgery for proper function and aesthetics.

  • Dental implants: Missing teeth get a second chance with these biocompatible replacements, surgically inserted by your dental surgeon.

  • Tumor removal: Oral tumors, thankfully rare, require specialized surgical expertise for safe and effective treatment.

Types of Dental Surgeons

A dentist is also known as a dental surgeon. Here are some types of dental surgeons: 

  • General dentist: A primary care dental provider who diagnoses, treats, and manages tooth health. 

  • Oral pathologist: A dental surgeon who performs surgical treatments for oral illnesses and disorders. 

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: A dental surgeon who diagnoses and treats defects and diseases of the mouth. They perform extractions, jaw surgery, and other procedures that restore your smile's function. 

  • Pedodontist: A dental surgeon who focuses on the dental treatment of infants, children, and teenagers. 

  • Periodontist: A dental surgeon who may be able to help improve your smile. 

  • Prosthodontist: A dental professional with a traditional DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and an additional two or more years of specialized graduate study and training in advanced restorative dental care. 

  • Oral surgeon: A dental surgeon who specializes in installing dental implants. 

Other types of dental surgeons include Dental hygienists and Reconstructive surgeons

Why Choose a Dental Surgeon in ghaziabad?

ghaziabad boasts a thriving dental scene, with some of India's top-notch dental surgeons practicing here. You'll find:

  • Expertise: Renowned surgeons with years of experience handling even the most challenging cases.

  • Advanced technology: State-of-the-art equipment for precise diagnoses and minimally invasive procedures.

  • Accessibility: A plethora of clinics and hospitals across the city, catering to diverse needs and budgets.

  • Competitive costs: Compared to other major cities, ghaziabad offers surprisingly affordable dental surgery options.

When to See a Dental Surgeon?

Don't wait for a dental emergency to strike! Visit a dental surgeon if you experience:

  • Pain in your mouth, jaw, or face

  • Swelling in your mouth, jaw, or face

  • Loose teeth

  • Severe pain from tooth impaction

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Bleeding gums

  • Hard-to-reach teeth

  • Severe decay

  • Cavities below the gum line

Cost of Dental Surgery in ghaziabad

Here are some dental procedure costs in ghaziabad: 

  • Root canal: Starts at Rs 2,000

  • Tooth extraction: Starts at Rs 300

  • Braces: Starts at Rs 15,000

  • Teeth whitening: Starts at Rs 7,000

  • Simple non-surgical extraction: Rs 500–2,500 per tooth

  • Ceramic inlay: Rs 10,000 per tooth

  • Metal crown: Rs 1,500 per crown

  • Local PFM (Metal and porcelain crown): Rs 4,500 per crown

  • Root canal treatment: Starts at Rs 3,000 for rotary, Rs 3,500 for single sitting, Rs 8,000 for with apicoectomy (anterior), and Rs 9,500 for with apicoectomy (posterior)

  • Tooth extraction: Rs 500 per tooth for normal, Rs 2,500 for surgical

  • Teeth aligners: EMI starts at Rs 3,282 per month

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